Wicked times we live. Nothing is what it used to be. Lessons of earlier generations are redundant in an ever-evolving society.

People are reinventing themselves daily. It’s not just the inertia of conventional events such as marriage, birth or death that generates change at an individual level.

Just recently, I started to live under the impression that some people change for no good reason, but for the benefit of their own internal need for something old wrapped in something new.

Change has become a marketable idea, the advertising industry has been supporting the sale of ‘change’ for many decades. I am not sure whether in this process people are becoming more detached or more connected. Either way from where I stand every single day I have to be prepared to NOT recognise my friends, people I assumed I knew.

Some are consumed over what haircut or what new lifestyle to adopt in the hope of looking more appealing to the ever-observant audience.

Today, I thought I would l give 20 minutes of my time to the Supra-Women. The SW is a new breed of women, legally bound to one man but living by the standards of a singleton, running freely on the streets of London.

It is best defined as a married woman who is not restricted by conventional prohibitions attached to institutional marriage. It promotes a much healthier alternative, whereby individuals can continue enjoying holidays with personal friends, individual hobbies, non-interference with aspects relating to work, liberties to enjoy life as an equal.

It is not meant to devalue marriage, quite the opposite, in a way it brings more balance and equality to an arrangement which, in all honesty, has not been fair since its invention.

The SW is breaking the waves for all us married folk. This specimen is a hybrid by any other means, it makes an informed decision to preserve the core values of human co-existence yet embracing the accelerated rhythm of our society while not compromising on aspects of personal freedom which some see as inappropriate in a marriage.

It feels rather liberating to know that some women have managed to be equal in their relationships and embraced modernity which most are not ready for.

I believe SW fits perfectly in that group, as it promotes a non-reliant type of relationship. In a way, offering a foundation for relationships based on realism and complete understanding of human development.

In other words, it encourages women to seek an optimal balance and be happy with their own lives, alleviating the pressure placed on relationships, usually compensating for something that can only be achieved at a personal level anyway.

There you have it, a new sub-species of women living freely in nature, simply falling off our radars.

The end

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