Early Stage Founder Resources

Please find below resources and links to relevant pages every founder should consult during this period.




Some key speakers developing on how they view markets being impacted and how they are planning their survival in the period post-recession.

Some guidance on how the EU will position itself to support companies during the crisis.

Some guidance for CFOs and Financial Directors struggling to support the organisation during the period. Accounting considerations are of key importance for Finance professionals during this period.



More tax and accounting resources for startups and scaleups.

Find mentors and organisations that will support your business during this period.

See UK Tech Together

There are many resources on fundraising and how it has changed in 2020 following our lockdown.

It is important to note that there are many active investors in Europe and the UK.


There are many templates that will help first-time founders understand the documentation and process involved.





More to be added soon.

Committed to supporting early stage and growth companies

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