The European investment ecosystem is thriving more than ever. The challenges highlighted by lockdowns led to a flourishing of innovation and of sources of funding for our ecosystems.

The European ecosystem is deployed in the past 12 months over $1.3bn invested in early-stage life sciences and healthcare.

The life sciences and healthcare space has been moving from stride to stride in the upward direction, and it is predicted to be bigger than ever. It is fueled by the institutional capital able to be deployed in VC funds. …

Value Determination For Tech Companies

As our venture capital ecosystem grows it becomes more important than ever to be able to assess the value of technology companies. It is a complex process which most of the time requires professionals in the space to evaluate future performance rather than historical performance.


It is for this reason that we have developed special methods of evaluating companies in Venture Capital, aka the VC Method. It is not taking away from the processes I have discussed in previous blog articles but provides a more realistic perspective.

The first thing you need to know about the VC Method is that…

For us all, 2020 has been a black swan, a hardly ever predictable scenario.

After the second quarter of the year, we have seen the venture capital ecosystem repositioning itself to support a growing innovation ecosystem.

It is an ever more ingrained part of the economic development policies for states. The key attraction in funding innovation is, of course, the ability to create new high skilled jobs. Technology and innovation are at the heart of how we will recover economies across Europe and the world.

In 2020, we saw clear winners in life sciences and healthcare. Investment reaching a record…

A great company always starts with compacted company values. Company values are how the company defines the main pillars of their uniqueness and values, which as well affect the technique they conduct their core business. Every company has an exclusive set of critical importance, and them sustenance the vision and decision-making progressions within the association.

Defining Your Company’s Values:

Core values are significant. These are a vital and administrative force as your company grows. Therefore, we’ve spent more time exploring best performs for defining company core values. Here are two core take-out:

1. Here is no one precise way to…

Every company has its own culture, defined by its values, and governing principles that the leadership and employees equally share. While most people consider culture an unimportant element, it has a real impact on performance, retention and the company’s ability to adapt to changes. A disengaged team will leave founders staring into the horizon alone.

In critical times, excellent leadership and culture mean an ability to get people to buy into your strategy, not only that but to do things with a confident attitude. It takes effort to relay your thinking, convince, and inspire people to imagine the potential of…

The current financial climate is disturbing for technology founders. At the European level, we have over 300 VC funds continuing to invest actively and grant-making programmes in every country, yet founders face many hurdles accessing capital.

Early-stage technology founders are foremost to feel the effect of economic downfalls. It is in periods like this where we understand the pressures of such entrepreneurs.

Many founders are faced with tough decisions over how to restructure the companies and potentially pivot to be still able to survive.

I am asked daily some challenging questions by companies I mentor and interact in our ecosystem…

I was asked very recently by a company to explain how I would approach their projected Intellectual Property (trademarks, patents, code of the platform) concerning their Balance Sheet or Statement of Financial Position.

To make it even more complicated and they have asked me to consider both UK accounting rules as well as the US.

I like a challenge and think there is an approach we can adopt to reach a response and help founders understand how to treat Research and Development costs without much difficulty.

Accounting Treatment

In accounting terms, you can only value the patents, trademarks, and code, when you…

The world is now facing a public health crisis known as Covid-19 and also a financial crisis.

The crisis on our hands manifests differently for individuals and companies. The uncertainty over our ability to revert to our normal state creates pressures on mental health, relationships and business performance.

We need to consider permanently adjusting our work practices, lifestyle and safety considerations.

It imperative we think about the support of our tech entrepreneurs during this crisis. Early-stage and even well into growth, are period of substantial uncertainty at a company level. Founders are challenged beyond the average level during Lockdown.


Please find below resources and links to relevant pages every founder should consult during this period.







Some key speakers developing on how they view markets being impacted and how they are planning their survival in the period post-recession.

Some guidance on how the EU will position itself to support companies during the crisis…

The world over, money related bundles have just been reported by countries in an offer to re-establish their economies amid the Coronavirus pandemic holding nations over the globe.

The US, for example, is taking a gander at a Senate vote to roll out a $2 trillion bundle, touted as one of the most prominent salvage bundles in American history.

One of the most broadly affected by the emergency, Italy, thought of a crisis plan of $28 billion that could assist them with creeping gradually towards commonality.

Europe has not been far behind with similar measures supporting technical unemployment and government-backed…

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