Ad management systems allow founders to advertise their products and solutions on social media platforms with the view of increasing their audiences. Such tools enable content providers to plug their videos, Ad and blogs and channel it across different mediums and platforms while retaining a single view on performance.


Loyal Users

Customer loyalty plays an important role in the establishment and marketing of a business. Users can be loyal to your brand or product only if they are satisfied with the quality of your brand or product. A loyal customer always likes to buy their favourite product from your…

Value Determination For Tech Companies

As our venture capital ecosystem grows it becomes more important than ever to be able to assess the value of technology companies. It is a complex process which most of the time requires professionals in the space to evaluate future performance rather than historical performance.


It is for this reason…

For us all, 2020 has been a black swan, a hardly ever predictable scenario.

After the second quarter of the year, we have seen the venture capital ecosystem repositioning itself to support a growing innovation ecosystem.

It is an ever more ingrained part of the economic development policies for states…

Flavia Richardson

Funding | Advising | Mentoring | Dedicated to Changing Early-Stage Growth

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